A day of rest

Morning coffee with Annicet, José and Joseph

Morning coffee with Annicet, José and Joseph

During the morning session, I wrote down how we want to start up entrepreneurial training here. The activities must be directed by the Congolese themselves. We will provide support concerning the development of training materials and we will visit the Brazzaville branch of the business twice a year.

The last paragraph of my contract sketch reads: “Our approach which is “hand in hand and side by side” will be indicative to all activities. The three tools must be used in full: training, business loans and follow-ups. The principles transparency, control and results will be applied and shall permeate the business. Everyone will work according to these principles. ”

At 6:35 a.m. I emailed my document to Bertil Åhman, in order to get a translation to french. The translation came in return already by 9.06 a.m. Thank you Bertil for your promptness and for your good advice. Thanks to all of you who translate and help us in different ways. Thanks especially to you who join your hands and pray for us. José told me the other day that “we pray and believe in God, without Him we can do nothing”. I am convinced that faith is deeply rooted in the people here and is a certainty. Every gathering of the last couple of days have been started and ended with prayer. And we have not even been close to a church.

In the morning Annicet, José and Joseph came for a small meeting. We handed over the contract sketch. They read and pondered it. The first comment was that we should work together. A project can only be successful if everyone takes responsibility by developing a good working relationship and when everyone contributes according to their ability. On this, we could all agree. Our political friends don’t belong to a party. They have been running their own campaigns and are elected by the people in their respective constituencies.

We were supposed to have traveled to Mossendjo today. Mossendjo is Joseph’s constituency about 500 – 600 kilometers from Brazzaville. But when the cars refused to cooperate, no one was surprised. They live a hard life here. They were at a garage for repairs and were apparently not ready to go. Instead we got to stay at home today. Both the cars and the mundeles thus had a rest day. We’ll probably leave early tomorrow morning for Mossendjo and we will be away for two days.

When Annicet presents Bernt and me, he has on a few occasions called us “the Swedish Missionaries,” a title that we don’t deserve, but feel honored by. I believe that Annicet does this because he knows missionaries have high esteem among the people, and he wants us to get a head start when we meet new people. Swedish missionaries have done a lot of good, and now Bernt and I bask in the glory of them. The memory of the Swedish missionaries is retained by many Congolese. The positive attitude towards us is a great asset to our work.

8 thoughts on “A day of rest

  1. Hej!
    Jag läser med stort intresse det ni skriver. Tack för det! Lycka till med fortsättningen och välkomna tillbaka till Sverige så småningom. Här är faktiskt vår även om den kommer långsamt i år.
    Hälsn. Ulla
    PS. Bernt: Såg du mitt mejl för några dagar sedan, om att Matthieu bad dig att om möjligt ge Nsimba Anderson 100 dollar från honom (via Yapeco), så får du tillbaka pengarna så snart du kommer hem. Vore bra om du kunde bekräfta att du har fått detta. Tack från Matthieu och mig!

  2. Yngve, Bernt och Myriam,
    Ni fantastiska människor. Ni fullföjer programmet daga efter dag ser vi! Ni måste ha fått massor av Gudskraft i bagaget. och så har ni Myriam med er. Så glada vi blir här i Skara. Fantastiskt att följa era äventyr. Vi fortsätter att be för er! Hans-erik och Cajsa

    • Hej Tata Hans-Eric !!! Min kära pappa !!!

      Yes it is true that it has been a long journey! We really needed the energy to keep … And God helped us every minute of the experience. And I had my two angels (Bernt and Yngve) who were able to watch over me and it was very good. Now I can not wait to see them again in October.
      All my best wishes to you and mama Cajsa

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    Good day to you

  4. je suis fière de vous entendre parler de vos oeuvres qui sont palpables,moi, en tant Congolais de Brazzaville et en même tant qu’agriculteur j’ai deux questions si pertinantes qui sont
    – Est-il possible pour nous autres d’être en contact avec vous en tout et pour tout en ce qui se mêle en agriculture
    -Quelle est la conduite à tenir?

    • Bonjour Patrice !
      Le but de cette organisation c’est justement de promouvoir l’entrepreneuriat, à votre image. Alors, si vous êtes vraiment intéressés par les perspectives de ce groupe, vous êtes le bienvenu. Vous pouvez aussi me contacter directement par mail, à cette adresse myriama07@yahoo.fr
      Au plaisir de vous lire !

  5. Nous allons commencer à travailler en Octobre et Novembre, à Boko, Ignie et Mossendjo. Vous habitez dans le quartier, vous pouvez participer à notre enseignement. Vous avez d’autres questions, je voudrais me tourner pour Myriam Mbama à Brazzaville email: myriama07@yahoo.fr

  6. Hej Yngve ! Quel plaisir d’avoir passé cette expérience avec vous, à la découverte du Congo et de ses potentialités. Cela fait 5 mois maintenant depuis cette première réalisation tellement enrichissante. Et maintenant, je dois dire que je suis impatiente de retrouver le groupe. Je vous dis déjà à très bientôt !

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