A delayed start

I have come to learn under the last couple of days that this thing with time doesn´t work exactly the same way here that it does back home in Sweden. I was hoping that I could start my teaching this week but the planningmeeting with the reverend did dragged on and not until yesterday we came out with the solution that I´m going to start on Monday and have two classes every day from Monday to Friday. One in the morning and one at the afternoon. I have divided the 48 pupils into 5 classes and every class is going to have two lessons every week. That makes about 20 lessons per class. Under that time we will hopefully go through such things as numbers, colors, animals, bodyparts, food, social expressions, traveling etc. On one hand I was hoping to get started a bit earlier but on the other hand I´m pretty grateful to have some time to acclimate me and especially learn some more french.

About the French I´m very happy to have Stig and Signe, they are more then willing to help! They are also very eager to learn english and that´s so nice to see! Yesterday we spent the afternoon with teaching each other our language. I also teached Signe to play some piano. I´m so very lucky to have been placed in Yapecos family. They are very hospitable and kind to me, I´m very grateful to them!

I´m also very grateful to Matadi support group who gave me this opportunity to see the real Africa and Congo and so far I´m loving every second of it! Matadi is a very nice and beautiful town and the people are so friendly. I also get to see and learn so much stuff that i never would otherwise and it´s so very interesting!

Now i´m going to keep on planning my teaching for the next week. Right now I´m trying to find some good songs in English and translate them to French. to be continued…

2 thoughts on “A delayed start

  1. Hej Gadden! Vad spännande det låter! Vad grym du är!! Kul att du bloggar, jag ska hålla koll! 😉 Lycka till med allt! Kram

    • Hej Josse! hoppas allt är bra med dig! Vad kul att du läser=) det kommer förhoppningsvis komma en eller två uppdateringar i veckan. ha det så fint! kram

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