A powerless day

Rosette making dinner

After two days of intense heat, a thunderstorm broke loose last night. There were lightning and thunder half the night. At the end of the spectacle the power disappeared and did not return until quarter past five in the afternoon. But the congolese household is well prepared for these situations: dinner was cooked outside the house on a small charcoal stove. We had chicken and it was delicious.

This day has been dedicated to revising the FBS material again, and to plan the lessons. The course will run from next Saturday at 2 p.m. to the following Saturday. If there is a need for it, it could be extended. There is a Power Point to illustrate the content of each lesson. We will alternate teaching, group discussions and presentations of homework. So far, there seem to be a considerable interest in the course. To ensure that we have power to the computer and projector, we will borrow Yapeco’s generator. We have planned to rig up on Saturday morning. For projection screen, we will use my white bed sheet. At the moment, that is the only solution. You use what is available.

We also had a visit from an elderly pastor who wanted to meet mundele and talk about a book that he is writing. Bernt listened to the whole presentation and I heard parts of it.

We live in a house of many cats. When I took the picture, five of them had parked on the entrance threshold.

One thought on “A powerless day

  1. Vi förstår att fam Yapeco betyder JÄTTEMYCKET för er!!! Bemöt dem väl o krama dem från oss! Ni kan förresten gärna få skicka hit lite av Matadivärmen…B o jag har nyss inkommit från den vanliga fm-rundan (7km)
    o sitter nu vid fikabordet. Lycka till med FBS-undervisningen o bli inte alltför irriterde över lite förseningar…det hör till kulturen som jag tror svenskarna måste acceptera.
    I-M o B

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