A rescue plan

Today, we were awakened by two cocks performing a morning concert. They seemed to be competing for the title of the most vociferous fowl. At dawn, the songbirds added their vocal parts to the concert.

Before noon, we had compiled our cost estimates and forecasts for the solar cell import business. Then we visited the head office of ProCredit Bank in Kinshasa and had a productive meeting with Kasuda Mindan who is responsible for business customers. He asked Tutondele to gather further information to complete the application for a loan. We gave Mr. Mindan an introduction to MSG, and made plans for continued cooperation with the ProCredit Bank in Matadi.

Next meeting was with Olle, who has more than thirty years experience of working in various African countries. Since last autumn, he is stationed in Kinshasa working on developing large-scale forest industry. An hour’s talk with Olle gave us some useful information about working in Africa.

During the afternoon came a tropical rain with thunder, at last! Let’s hope the raining will continue.

We prepared tomorrow’s meeting with the Nsanda Group. We will present a rescue plan that will require some sacrifices. The neighbour Budri, who is agronomist, will assist us in taking out some figures on agriculture. Tomorrow, we will see how our plan will be received.

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  1. Jätteroligt att läsa om vad ni gör! Lycka till och hälsa dem jag känner!

    Många hälsningar från ett MYCKET kallt Borås.


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