A school entrepreneur

Samuel Nkailu

Matondo visited us today. He has attended a previous course and we have a committment in his business. He runs a school and has 100 students, a kindergarten and a primary school. Previously, he also had a transportation business, but this part of the enterprise has been shut down. His report was a bit gloomy. The parents of his pupils are having difficulties paying the school fees. The school fee is 10 U.S. dollars a month, and if he puts pressure on the parents to pay on time, they let their kids stay at home. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. One has to make money at the same time as one has to care for the customers. After all, they represent his livelihood. Matondo has to get the kids to love the school and make them influence their parents to let them stay there. He also need the parents to see his side of the story and make them understand why school fees are mandatory.

At half past two, we came to the Youth House to put up our equipment. The power was gone when we arrived but to our delight, it returned a few minutes before three. It is nice not having to use the generator, because the humming is a little distracting. Julienne went through three lessons. The first was a continuation of yesterday’s lesson about risks and businesses. The other lesson was called “you and your company” and the third was about economic planning.

We had some group discussions with a lot of hustle and bustle. They were also asked to report on their homework. The verbal presentation skills of the group are excellent, everyone seems to have the gift of speech. I look forward to see their ideas and knowledge put into practice. I began the day by emphasizing that it is only you, the individual, that can change your own situation, the situation of your family and your society. The change comes through hard work, responsibility and the blessing of God.

Samuel Nkailu, the founder and promoter of the Youth House, joined us today.

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  1. Ni är fantastiska! Tur att ni har ert moringate på mornarna! Värmen låter kämpig, här är vanlig svensk vårvärme.
    Guds välsignelse!

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