A small drummer

A small drummer

It’s Sunday and church service day. Somewhat delayed, at 10.30 a.m., we came to the church. A visiting choir, uniformly dressed in pink and black sang with great commitment. They strengthened their message with their hands and facial expressions and moved to the beat of the music. They sang about God’s rich gifts to us and they asked the question: What do we give back? They were accompanied by a small drummer with his very own drum. The visiting choir was not the only musical contribution today. Five of the church’s own choirs sang as well. The gospel choir excelled in volume. They ought to have been heard in the whole neighborhood around the church. Today’s church service were clearly dominated by melodious songs and music.

Pastor Diangitukulu gave a special welcome to Julienne, Bernt and me. Today we didn’t have to say anything more than our names. Then the pastor let the whole congregation pronounce our name a few times. He himself has now learned to say the names with a really good pronunciation. The guest preacher held a sermon on the Ten Commandments and the importance to follow them to get ahead in life. We need principles and rules for our society to function.

For a week now, Yapeco and a church committee have been preparing for the installation of the pastor next Sunday. Yapeco will lead the installation ceremony. Today he went to church just before seven and came home at half past four in the afternoon. The installation day will be a big day for the pastor.

Mirrors are rare in the house. Today is the first day we have used one. Julienne lent us a small mirror she could spare. Luckily, there were no surprises when I checked my exterior, but you feel a little safer when you receive confirmation that you look your usual self. Yesterday evening though, I discovered that I must have looked fairly unkempt during the day. Now we will be able to prevent such mishaps.

Today, the egg customer reappeared, accompanied by her little son who prefers to run rather than walk and is full of mischief. The mother did her best to keep him in check, but he just had too much energy and ideas. However, she received her box filled with egg, she paid, lifted the box up on her head and began her walk home, accompanied by her energetic son.

Thank you all for writing comments. Bernt and I appreciate them thoroughly!