A trip to Kingoyi

The winding road to Kimboyi

Wednesday me and Bertil went on a trip to Kingoyi. It is a route of only 100 km, but it took us four hours to get there. The road was in a unacceptable state by Swedish standards, but I was in a great mood to be traveling again and to see the African countryside. We were traveling in Gunnels big pickup and besides me and Bertil there were two drivers and a woman with her child who got a lift out with us to their beanplantage. The view on this journey was unbelievably beautiful with mountains, plantage and beautiful colours. Here on the countryside I also noticed the poverty more than I have done before, probably because it just is more obvious here. The day for the people that live here consists basically of going up with the sun, work all day out on their farms and then come home when the sun falls and start cooking supper, which is the day’s first and only meal. Since there isn’t any electricity in these villages they cook it over an open fire. Despite all, people seem to be happy and positive but I cannot help but think that it seems like an incredibly heard life with much work and little rest and pleasure for them and I am grateful to have been born in Sweden, in the late nineties and into the family that I have.

Kingoyi was a cute little village with beautiful scenery all around it but it was a bit cold because of its location up in the mountains. After eating some food in the old missionstation I took my goodbyes of Bertil who would stay to continue his journey from there into Congo-Brazzaville the next week. Me and the two drivers and a few passengers who hitched a ride with us then began our return to Luozi. It was a great trip back to Luozi where I spoke some French with the nice drivers and passengers or sat in peaceful quiet and just looked out of my window and were philosophising. Days like this, I am so glad I made this travel down here to Congo and took the opportunity that were given to me to see this country and culture in a way that I could never possibly have done otherwise.