A trip to Mbamba

The children in Mbamba

Due to these powerbreaks and afterfollowing disconnections to internet at Yapecos office I now deliver two blogs whereas the second one is a few days old, I hope that the readers can have indulgence with this. There are very many positive factors here in Congo, but there are also some major problems, it is partly the availability of water, the non-existent space for garbage and current. How are they supposed to be able to work here and especially internationally if it becomes as this week, and the power is gone for a whole week? This Sunday the trip went to Mbamba, one of the most loveable places I´ve been to. We where late and therefore we could only attend to the last hour of the service but it was wonderful. In the hymns the men had one voice, the women one and the children one and a little while I almost thought I´ve come to heaven. Yapeco asked if I wanted to sing a song I Kikongo and as usual I weren´t late to say yes. I have actually learned a song in Kikongo “tonda tonda tonda jesu” and that was the hymn I sang. After that me and Yapeco stood infront of everybody so they could come and shake hand with us. When the service were done we visited Yapecos old classmate and they served us sugarcanes and oranges. Meanwhile visiter after visiter stepped by to say hello and give me gifts. The very much appreciated gifts were eatable things like potato, Kwanga and peanuts. Back in Matadi we were served my favouritefood: Fumbua, kwanga and chicken with bananas to dessert It can´t be better then that!