About us

One step further

We are a group of entrepreneurs who create new businesses in the Congo through training, business loans and follow-ups. We believe that traditional development assistance has meant a lot to many but can also make the recipient passive and the poverty will be permanent. We want to go one step further and take advantage of the resource that every enterprising person is. We do this by seeking out people with ambition, give them training and business loans and then complete the mission by follow-ups. We give them the tools but it is only the people in the Congo who can lift their country.

Why education and business loans

We believe entrepreneurs are a group of people who can create opportunities for a change for themselves and others. We give them the right tools to realize their ideas. Our idea is to combine education in entrepreneurship with production, services, trading and agriculture in the Congo.  We connect theory and practice. All with the goal to develop and rise the living of standard.

How we work

We find people with a business idea and ambition, give them training and business loans. Then we complete the companies with follow-up month by month. Our watchwords are transparency, control and results.

How do we get money

Money for business loans comes through loans and donations from individuals and companies. We, who work in Matadi Support Group work entirely voluntary.

We need your help

Through a gift or loan you can support our entrepreneurs.

Youth work

Through our support has Christoffer Jacobsson in cooperation with the church in Luozi started a judo training as a part of the youth work in the church.