Our strategy

Our strategy

Knowledge, money and contacts

Entrepreneurs need knowledge
Entrepreneurs need money at reasonable cost and good contacts.

In terms of knowledge to our training supplemented, mainly with business ethics, cooperation and leadership. We have now completed our material with Focus Business School. We will contact universities which deliver the knowledge.

When it comes to money is not sufficient by our assets by a long way as loans to entrepreneurs. Moreover, it is extensive work to keep track of the mortgage at a distance.

Currently, we do not lend any money due to difficulties in managing the loans.

We will work to get into a partnership with local banks in Congo who can lend to entrepreneurs. We will aim to banks providing entrepreneurs with capital.

To get the banks to grant loans required collateral, or that capital deposited in the Congolese bank that can then be lent.

We will contact politicians, government agencies and others who may obtain collateral or equity. Contacts have been made with SIDA, EU aid commissioner in Brussels and Kinshasa, and the OECD in Paris.

Our overheads

To our overhead costs, we must continue to beg for money. We need in the long term getting full cost recovery.


Congo Kinshasa
Local representatives
Yapeco Bakala Massengo     Matadi        entrepreneur and volunteers
Emy Miantezila                      Kimpese    pastor and entrepreneur
Yavengi Diangitukulu             Matadi        pastor
Julienne Nyambudi                Matadi        entrepreneur and interpreter

Congo Brazzaville
Joseph Mandzoungou          Brazzaville Chief Economist
Myriam Mbama                     Brazzaville Master in  Economics

Mission and Scope
MSG ‘s role is to work as equals and communicate knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and evaluation and assessment of business ideas and to arrange contacts with lenders who can lend on reasonable terms.

Implement innovations and deliver knowledge about them.

MSG operates in both Congo countries. In Congo Brazzaville named organization Congo Support Group

Gifts and contributions.
There are many examples in Africa that shows that gifts and grants do not create development. It has in many places created begging and passivity, deprived people in their own ability to initiatives that stand on their own and contribute to positive social and contributions have created a dependency relationship with the donor. We should also not deprive them of the joy and satisfaction of themselves create and build.

Reciprocity and cooperation
MSG contributes to innovation, knowledge and experience and ensures that money to loan arrives. Congolese contribute work, sacrifice and application. When this interaction comes into operation there will be results.

All help must lead to sustainable development. Development is when people locally through work and sacrifice generates resources and build a society that can meet people’s different needs.

Sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

If we lose our vision
We lose our passion!

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