Notice of annual meeting 2017

Notice of annual meeting 2017

We invite you to the annual meeting to Immanuelskyrkan in Stockholm, on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 2pm.
The meeting will be held at the conference local, at second floor in the church.

Annual Meeting. Issues, look at Statutes.

We will give you a lot of information how the work develops in the Congo.

There are recent reports from both Congo countries.

With news from the Republic of the Congo involved Astrid Stahlberg entrepreneur, tour guide and educator, to the annual meeting just returned from Brazzaville

With news from Congo Kinshasa involved the referens group

The annual meeting is a future meeting. We therefore have to focus on the challenges of the future

We need your notice of participation no later than March 20. Please send your notification to Lars-Ola Rydberg, Yngve Håkanson or Bernt Sköld.

Anyone who wants to support Matadi Support Group is invited to join the annual meeting!

Do you have friends who think our idea is good, please invite them. We need many supporters

Welcome spending a weekend in Stockholm. We will help you filling Saturday afternoon with content.

Matadi Support Group
Borås and Hökerum 2017 01 24

One thought on “Notice of annual meeting 2017

  1. Äntligen tycker jag att jag “kommit rätt”!
    Jag vill verkligen finnas med i den verksamhet ni arbetar med!
    Naturligtvis vill jag vara medlem och göra det lilla jag ännu skulle kunna göra.

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