Statutes of the non-profit organization Matadi Support Group

§ 1 Name of the organization
The name is the Matadi Support Group. Abbreviated MSG.

§ 2 Purpose and activities
The association has as objective to promote development of enterprises and to train new entrepreneurs and work with the aid of the Congo republics. They are now characterized by greater democracy and opportunity for people by technical means to take part in community life. Activities will primarily include business development by training and business loans.

§ 3 The registered office
Association Board has its headquarters in Ulricehamns municipality.

§ 4 Membership
As a member welcome anyone who wants to participate in Matadi Support Group’s operations and can be expected to comply with its statutes and decisions, and contribute to the achievement of the association’s purpose. Membership is obtained by supporting the union with a financial contribution. Each member has one vote and can not be transferred.

§ 5 Membership
Each member shall pay the annual membership fee as the annual meeting may determine.

§ 6 Board
The Board shall consist of at least five members who are elected at the annual meeting for a term of two years. We first annual meeting elected three members for two years and two members in one year. Thereafter, directors are elected for two years. Deputies shall be two. The first annual meeting elected a two-year and one in a year. Subsequently elected deputy for two years.

Annual Meeting elect the President who is elected for one year, other officials such as treasurer and secretary appoints the board and can be selected outside the board.

The Board appoints a committee in charge of operational activities.

The quorum is lined to the chairman and two members are present.

Less elected board member during the term of office commences, alternate member, it alternates between specific arrangements are in luck as a director until the next annual meeting

§ 7 Signing
The Board appoints the person or persons who signed the association’s business.

§ 8 Accountants
One auditor and one deputy shall be appointed at the annual meeting

§ 9 Financial
Association’s financial year is calendar year.

§ 10 Notice of annual meeting and general meeting
The Board calls via email or message on the website for annual meeting. Notice of the Annual Meeting shall include a statement on the matters that should occur. The summons shall be issued no later than two weeks before the annual meeting and not later than one week before the extraordinary general meeting.

§ 11 The annual meeting
The regular annual meeting held within three months of the fiscal year. At the annual meeting the following items should be addressed.
1     Election of chairman and secretary of the meeting.
2    Question on notice of the Annual Meeting be approved.
3    Approval of agenda.
4   Selection of the minutes, which together with the Chairman shall review the report.
5   Board of Directors.
6   Earnings and balance sheet for the fiscal year.
7   Ask for the discharge to the Board for the period audited.
8   Determination of membership for the coming year.
9   Election of chairman for one year.
10 Election of Board members and deputies.
11 Election of one auditor and one deputy.
12 Election of nomination committee.
13 Future Planning.
14 Other business.

§ 12 Changing  bylaws
Changing bylaws shall be decided on the member meetings including an annual meeting by a two thirds majority.

§ 13 Dissolution of the Association
If the association is dissolved remaining assets shall be distributed in ways that decides the annual meeting.