Congo Trips 2015

Itinerary for Marius Billy, Kerstin & Yngve Håkanson to Congo Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa 2015 03 02 – 2015 04 01

Monday          2/3
Departure Landvetter 6:50am arrival N´djili 6.35pm.Overnight Nzo Binati. K & Y by Air Brussel
Departure Arlanda. Billy going by Ethiopian Air. Arrival Maya Maya on Tuesday

Tuesday          3/3
Planning the weeks in Congo Kinshasa for K & Y
Afternoon going to Brazzaville. Kerstin & Yngve and will live at Saka-Saka

Wednesday     4/3
During the week ahead. People we intend to visit, discussing the importance of entrepreneurship
Joseph Mandzoungou, Mamy Raharimanantsoa, Mansimou, Partice N´souami, EEC, CBE, MUCODEC, Alain Mbemba, Christian de la Brétéche Forum des jeunes Entrepreneur, Agriculture Minister, The Chamber of commerce, Roger Makany, University of Economics, Probably Ambassador André Hombessa has found more important people. Hans Norelius

Thursday        5/3
Meetings with the above

Friday             6/3
Meetings with the above

Saturday         7/3
Free. Probably some meetings

Sunday            8/3
Service at Plateau Church, alt Mansimou Quence Church

Monday          9/3
Meetings with the above

Tuesday          10/3,
Meetings with the above

Wednesday     11/3
Meetings with the above

Thursday        12/3
Meeting the MP´s and OSDO´s groups, follow-ups.  OSDO-Louise Mplayi

Friday             13/3
Meeting the MP´s and OSDO´s groups, follow-ups. Billy is going back to Sweden

Saturday         14/3
Going to Kinshasa and Nzo Binati for Kerstin and Yngve

Sunday            15/3
Service at any Church,

Monday          16/3
Checking, charging, distributing and selling all solar lamps.
During the week ahead. People we intend to visit, discussing the importance of entrepreneurship:
Tata Ngwala Ray Protestant University, Professor Mbelolo ya Mpiku, UCKin University

Tuesday          17/3
Working with the above

Wednesday     18/3
Working with the above

Thursday        19/3
Working with the above

Friday             20/3
Working with the above

Saturday         21/3
Going towards Matadi, During the week ahead. Visiting different churches and selling lamps. In Kimpese we expect to meet Ester Luhunu Mahema, CECO-Kimpese, discussing the importance of entrepreneurship. Visiting also Luozi, meeting President Edi Diafuanakana and the churches. and people from the University

Sunday            22/3
Service at any church

Monday          23/3
Working with the above

 Tuesday          24/3
Working with the above

Wednesday     25/3
Working with the above

Thursday        26/3
Meeting with important people connected to the Universities in Matadi. Yapeco and Pastor Diangitukulu arrange the meetings any day. The subject: importance of entrepreneurship.

Friday             27/3
Working with the above and  Meeting with Rotary President Joseph Baku

Saturday         28/3
Working with the above

Sunday            29/3
Church service at Baobab church

Monday          30/3
Working with the above

 Tuesday          31/3
Traveling to Kinshasa Ndjili Departure 10:00pm

Wednesday     1/4
Arrival at Landvetter 11.20am