Email 15/8 2009

Email 2009 08 14 – Plan for the remaining work

Hello dear friends!

How are things with sun and heat? We have dry time and freezes at night. The temperature is usually between 25-29 degrees.

As I have said before, we have had our monthly meeting for July to discuss and plan the steps from now in 2009 to 2010.

It is clear from this meeting that we have decided to:

  1. activate the manual work to avoid the search paid staff
  2. look at the increase in members’ monthly membership fee in spite of everything that’s going on in the case of the difficult economic climate as the country continues to undergo and economic instability.
  3. ask the experts to do a cost estimate for the roof, cementing the floor, plastering the walls inside and out, doors and windows and painting.
  4. put in place the Youth Centre in 2010 than the level at which the works are located, that is, to inaugurate the house in the state where it is located.
  5. let coincide the celebration of GCSL’s 10th anniversary and the opening of the youth house for an important event.

Certainly weigh all of these measures on the very active members, especially since they can be counted on the fingers, but its very matter forces. We have tears in his eyes when we see the task that we assign ourselves in relation to our limited resources, and we kneel to pray God to help us fulfill what He has given us to do in his church.

We are entering this phase of activities with firm belief and trust that God will help us all and give us physical and mental health and resources to implement this great task.

Warmest greetings to all

Samuel Nkailu-wa-Basilwa