Email 4/5 2010

Email 4/5 2010

Matadi 2010 05 04

Hi all dear MSG: ers!

How are you with the snow and cold? We are now coming to the end of the rainy season and the heat begins to decrease during the night.

I know you by Yapeco have received news from the country in various fields. When it comes to our work at the Youth Centre, he has confirmed that the roof is in place which I have already said.

Treasurer MUDITO likely to have gratitude for MSG recognized and received the last consignment of funds.

However, I would let you know that the Finance Commission has been integrated with the honorary chairman Muller LUTHELO and Samuel coordinator to plan the rest of the work on the opportunities have just transferred to us.

A slight change has been the priority order under the last cost estimate that you received, instead of starting with the plaster of the walls allows us to manufacture doors and windows for safety of what we do internally, and then cementing the floor immediately because at the moment is the sand from the river very expensive when the river overflows.

In the meantime, we have recently succeeded in the national electricity company and we have the electrical connection to the house, it remains only inside the installation, although the electrical power is often of poor quality and unsafe.

I have also in coordinating GCSL talked to the minister responsible for Kiamvu Assembly, recently appointed, to inform him of what is GCSL and its function by reviewing the group’s main and specific objectives. At the same time I informed him that MSG in Sweden supports us and follow us and our goals. He has even taken note of all the legal texts governing the association namely: the agreement between GCSL and CEC, the agreement between GCSL and MSG, Sweden, and the provisional certificate of Youth provinsdivisions activities in the Lower Congo.

He showed a great interest to what he heard and saw and ultimately wish to come to our meeting with all members, I would like to invite soon. I am very pleased about that.

There is also an opportunity for me personally that through you thank the MSG for the support so vital and important, that you have engaged you to realize it for the benefit of the Congolese people and its youth, this is what you have to see and report, not the modest Samuel person NKAILU-wa-BASILWA which must reduce to let GCSL arrive.

Fraternal greetings to you all

The Free Christian Support Group

20 January 2001 was born a Free Christian Support Group, an NGO for the development of Matadi and Mrs Julienne Matila Nkiamambun as chairman. Traditionally, the memory was celebrated on Sunday 20 January 2008.

The restaurant AIR Brousse, provisional place for that club, which is a non political, humanitarian and a non-profit, functioned as the simple manifestation of this year.

The event included four powerful elements:

  1. Admonition rates were based on 2 Chron 7:13-14 Mudito of George, Treasurer.
  2. Formal Speech was read by Samuel Nkailu coordinate cents, wa-Basilwa
  3. Words were given encouragement by the President Mrs. Julienne Matila Nkiamambu
  4. Love feast.

To constantly be praying to hear God’s voice is the only opportunity for each member of the Free Christian support group to overcome all obstacles on the road, the preacher stressed.

After giving a brief history of the group was set up January 20, 2001 Coordinate verifier talked about the year 2007 has been. He showed clearly what the group has succeeded in its action, as it failed and what should be done for the club to move forward.

On building the project “Youth Centre, Haute Ville”, which is going on, year 2008 must be a critical year for the completion of the great hall. This requires a vigorous effort of each member in terms of both effort and sacrifice various measures needed for the project.

The Chairman encouraged members not to abandon the commitment they have already taken the benefit of the often negative criticism. In order to always move forward, let us have your eyes fixed on Christ who is with us in service.

It all ended with a communion and photography.

Matadi January 21, 2008
Samuel Nkailu-wa-Basilwa