Speech 28/6 2009

Speech 28/6 2009

A group of 15 from Borås and the surrounding area, visited the DRC for two weeks in late June and early July 2009. Sunday, June 28, visited the construction site and Matadi Youth House, Ville Haute. View photos in Youth House. Below you can read it as Samuel Nkailu gave to the group, translated by Gunnel Jönsson, who also worked with Pastor David Noren specially represented Matadi Support Group.

Memorandum on the occasion of the delegation Matadi Support group visits to the worksite for Socio-Cultural Meeting, Ville-Haute, Matadi

Dear distinguished delegates in Matadi Support Group

On the occasion of your visit to the construction site of our socio-cultural meeting place Ville-Haut at Lisanga in Matadi. Our task is first of all to praise the almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, water and everything on earth. Lord of time and circumstances of life which he gives us through his grace and that He has made possible this meeting today.
I would also like to greet you a warm welcome among us and to your entire stay will be blessed and pleasant.

It is with hearts full of joy and pride that we allow ourselves to fraternal embrace you.
Your presence among us, do not doubt that, even eloquence can not express it, a sign that not only shows but also the joy of encouragement and a moral and spiritual renewal it brings.
We rejoice with all our hearts

At the moment we also need the honor to present you a little “short” of The Free Christian Aid group work that is before you to tell you what is the meaning of it all and to also show you what has been realized.


The Free Christian Support Group is a socio-humanitarian and non-political voluntary organization for the development which brings together some thirty Christian ladies and gentlemen of the CEC, predominantly from Matadi.

The origin came from the Committee for support for women’s choir in Kiamvuförsamlingen in Matadi and CEC was created January 20, 2001 at a meeting and was to take the calling to serve the Lord as a layman, since you have been disappointed in the choir encountered during 35 years.

Task and purpose

The main mission of The Free Christian Support group is to support through many different documents and evangelize the whole person.
To implement this, there are well-defined objectives as:

  • To support evangelism material and financial
  • Facilitating the spiritual, moral and intellectual development of members
  • Make members aware of the global crisis is the Christian’s responsibility in the Church and to humanity.
  • Deepen the management of young people and teenagers in an adequate infrastructure.
  • Maintaining relations with other organizations sharing the same objective
  • Create and run activities that generate income for self-financing and development of the association.
  • Etc etc

It is through these purposes that The Free Christian support group makes up a program each year with activities based on:

  1. visits and support to the sick in hospitals, prisoners, elderly and those with special needs
  2. participation in the work of church building, such as Mukimbungu, and in Nzadi in Matadi.
  3. support for pupils Pastor
  4. Focus of care of young teenagers in the future “Meeting social and cultural” – Youth House-currently under construction.
  5. productive activities and self-sufficiency
  6. mutual support for members
  7. church activities


The Free Christian Support Group is composed as we mentioned earlier of 27 men and women whose age varies between 40 and 74 years. The majority of the members are members of your Evangélique Congo (CEC) (our sister church of my note.) And come from different parishes in Matadi.
When you look at age and you will understand easily that many if not most are retired or without jobs and have difficulty complying with the conditions the association requires. It needs a lot of sacrifice and collected funds to operate and survive.


The following activities have been implemented:

punctate: that is, visits and assistance to the needy, the sick, prisoners and elderly, support for the pastor students, aid to needy members, yes, the list goes on.

permanent: the construction of the Youth House “Meeting the socio-cultural” and plantations.

It is in this last category of activities such as socio-cultural project Meeting is under construction.

The Free Christian Support Group has found that the capacity to care for young people needs to be improved in Matadi town especially in the CEC, which lacks a proper and good structure, comparable to the Meeting Socio-Cultural comply with to develop further the care of young people and teenagers.

The consensus is that our country’s young people have big and different problems – associated with the upbringing, education, health, lack of jobs, drug problems and other harms they face and which is one reason the building.

Of course such a project needs funding which we have not, especially when we know the socio-economic problems of the Congo are suffering from and which today is accentuated by the economic crisis of the world. In any case, it is our will and our resolve that we will reach that destination.

It is now time to say how much the financial support of $ 7,000 coming from GCSL’s friends in Matadi Support Group in Sweden has meant that means that we have reached the level where the work now is greeted not only by the free Christian Aid group but also of the winners say Matadis young and teenagers.

Where they are located EXPRESSES DEEP they are covered beforehand.

We can not finish this “short” without a signal to those who follow us and hesitate to join us in this task that we ensure that through the agreement that applies to GCSL today, will G.C.S.L. to have its doors open to the future and that any physical force, material and finance provides a harvest that will produce fruit that is expected of the mission mandate of our generation and future.

We promise to continuously strive to achieve the desired objective to serve the Lord, hand in hand with anyone who has a live call.

To those of you who visit us today, we ask that you be a witness to our desire by telling them that listens to you about what you have seen and understood and that we want to continue with the exchange not only with experience but also with the young people will deepen cooperation after us.

Once again we thank you for your interest.

Until next time, the reunion.

Samuel Nkailu                                                                  Matadi 28/6 2009