Our concept

Entrepreneurs in Congo

  1. To participate in Matadi Support Group’s (MSG) training, you must have a business idea.
  1. Your personal qualities should be: forward thinking with an ambition and desire to change and to develop and create income that results in better living standards. Each contractor must be prepared to work hard and face tough challenges. You must make profit from the business.

    The group joined Focus Business School

  1. Each training session can consist of up to 40 participants.
  1. MSG appoints a contact person or a committee at each location who has good knowledge of the place and people, and the ability to select people with viable business ideas and the capacity to succeed. The Committee’s task is also to follow up the training and ensure that it gets results.
  1. Our training is called “Business Plan a first sketch”, “The company’s terms and conditions” and “Focus Business School”.Basic training may involve 5 to 15 training days and is intended for participants who besides their own entrepreneurship are also willing to start their own courses in entrepreneurship in their communities or in their churches where they are involved.
  1. The training the trainers then continue to work with put it up for half a year and you meet now once a week. Focus Business School consists of 48 lessons and reading two lessons at every opportunity. During this time they are practicing their entrepreneurship. It is very important that participants blends theory with practice. The theory must be put into practice for it to get results.
  1. MSG’s mission is that the Congolese who attend our training to grow and create good business, hire employees, pay wages and improve conditions for themselves and others.
  1. The best energy, inspiration and reward that MSG can get, is successful Congolese entrepreneurs.
  1. All Swedes working in the MSG are volunteers.
  1. MSG works with the tools: education, business loans, contacts and follow-up.
  1. Currently no new loan is paid out. We are working to find solutions to provide new loans
  1. MSG works with the principles: Sincerity, transparency, control and results.
  1. It’s only you, with your work, dedication, tenacity, perseverance and responsibility, in combination with MSG’s tools and principles that can make you a successful entrepreneur.
  1. It is only you, as a Congolese, who can lift yourself and your country.