Afternoon visits

Esther Luhunu Mahema

We awaited Yapeco, Augustin and the solar lamps in the late morning, but they did not arrive until 3.30 pm. Helén who cooks for us arrived at 11 am. Today she made french fries for my sake. She had to cook twice because of the late arrival of our friends. In preparation, Yngve spent the day going carefully through the binders about entrepreneurship.

I keep on reading about Potemkin. Today I read about the background of the expression “Potemkin’s scenery”. According to the book it is one of history’s great lies. I was baffled, I have always believed in it.

Yapeco, Yngve and I went to Nganga and paid a visit to Yapeco’s newly established hotel, room for eight guests, currently housing three guests.

The next house we visited was Emy Mantezila’s, where he also has his bakery. Emy is a pastor and has made a new translation of the Bible from Hebrew into Kikongo. Emy came with us to the student pastor Esther who lives in the neighboring house. Esther Luhunu Mahema is working at CECO University in Kimpese. CECO = Centre Evangelique Coperation.

The university has three faculties: agronomy, economics and medicine. At the university there are 430 students. Yngve talked with Emy and Esther about MSG and the desire to get into the curriculums of the university, working with professional teachers. Yngve handed over the training material. Emy and Esther promised to speak to the university management. Among other things, Yngve stated the importance of collaboration between educators and lenders/banks. The three tools to inspire healthy entrepreneurship are, according to MSG, education, start-up loans and longterm follow-ups.

It seems that Emy and Yapeco could be coordinators for the entrepreneurial education in Congo Kinshasa.

When we went home the night was dark. On all roads there are multiple speed bumps, sometimes there are two in a row. It is an effective way of calming the traffic, something that is used by many street vendors who offer their wares to the slow-moving motorists.

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  1. Skönt att du fick mat!
    Så intressant att få följa er resa!

  2. Inlägget om tredje gången… kunde jag bara få fram delvis o ej besvara!

    • Hej Amanda! Tack för meddelande! Nu är allt som det ska med tredje gången. Aron

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