Annual Meeting

Årsmöte 2013.

Saturday, 16th March, Matadi Support Group had the annual meeting in Immanuel Church in Jönköping. About twenty members attended the meeting. It was customary cases with review of the past year’s work by the management of the economy to the various missions in the Congo.

The annual meeting was pleased with the board’s work and presented statements to the documents. The Board re-elected but the chair went to Lars-Ola Rydberg,  previously had Lennart Fridén that task.

Most of the time was devoted to the business plan for 2013 which the Board has developed. It can be read in its entirety under “About Us.”Many challenges lie ahead, but one of our goals is to involve as many Congolese people as possible in our business. It must be Congolese to lift themselves and their country. Our mission is to be knowledge and experience brokers on entrepreneurship and give them the tools that will help them to develop.

And all development must lead to the Congolese themselves build a society that can meet people’s different needs.

On April 2 Bernt and Yngve travel to the Congo for a month’s work. You can follow us here on the blog with daily reports from the Congo.

One thought on “Annual Meeting

  1. Hur var utresan och uppehållet i Istanbul? Hoppas allt gick bra för er…
    Jag har ringt till mama Bakadisa att hon har brev att. Hämta på NB…
    Nu väntar vi på att läsa bloggen!
    Hälsningar från en kall med solig morgon i Sibbarp.
    I-M o B

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