At Lisanga

Our house at Lisanga

After a long day’s travel on Wednesday, with the sad event of the accident on the end, Thursday in Matadi was much calmer. But here, we have the traffic right outside our window, a constant roaring.

Our good-natured driver Augustin had a headache this morning. No wonder after the demanding driving yesterday, on roads destroyed by rain. But he perked up during the day. Yngve prepared coming meetings in Matadi and he called Samuel Nkailu. Now we are waiting for him to come here.
Yapeco has taken other necessary contacts and tonight, Julienne Kukangisa arrive from the family farm in Nsanda. Julienne is a good interpreter.

We have eaten breakfast and dinner, served by the friendly cook who I think was here back in 2010. She doesn’t check what we eat, so I can eat only rice and piri piri without hurting her feelings. Augustin do not eat rice, but everything else. Luckily, she does not serve manioc, which makes eating easier for me.

A man who was selling baskets at the restaurant wanted to talk to us, but Yngve told him that we unfortunately don’t speak French. Some men were sitting and watching TV outside the restaurant. I recall that that was the case in 2010 as well.

When we arrived yesterday, we were first given a room in the main house, which Yapeco calls the Inga-Nora house. But to get to the rooms you have to walk up some high stairs, and I was very grateful when we were relocated to the room in the presidential villa. Here, we have both a bedroom and a living room. But the kitchen is completely cleared of all utensils, so we won’t be able to cook for ourselves. We will give the dry soups we brought to Julienne who will understand the descriptions in Swedish.

Our final day is approaching and it feels good. We have had rewarding days in Bas-Congo.

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  1. Välkomna hem till våren och lite småkyliga dagar!
    Hittade små vitsippsknoppar idag när jag var ute och promenerade.

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