Congo Evening in Bromölla and Board meeting

The Church of Ivetofta

Bernt and I traveled to Bromölla in southern Sweden on Sunday, March 3, to talk about our work in Congo. We were welcomed by Reverend Pia Wiktors and Aina and Anders Nicander, who also made sure we got dinner on arrival, supper after church services and a roof over our heads during the night to Monday, breakfast, sightseeing around Ivösjön, morning coffee and a last meal, pie and salad, before we went back home.

In the church four girls sang with the cantor at the piano. Bernt introduced Matadi Support Group and sang accompanied by a guitar the song “Send me”. With the help of a power point, I talked about MSG’s work in Congo. Some language problems arose, the dialect of Västergötland is not that easy to understand for southern people. But essentially, I think the audience got the message. I talked a little too long, but none of the 60 who listened fell asleep and nobody went home before Pia had read the blessing. Some even stayed for a glass of apple cider, and we had some nice conversations with the church visitors, including some who had a strong commitment to the organization FBB (For Children’s Best).

When we got back home on Monday afternoon, we went straight to a MSG board meeting at Liisa’s and Bertil Rickäng’s home in Sjömarken. Liisa offered a good and invigorating meal and then we went on to the reports of what has happened since the last meeting, and made preparations for the annual meeting. Action plans and strategies for 2013 were established.