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Today, we went to the Baobab church Secondary school and met the principal and some of the teachers. We presented our new teaching material, Focus Business School. They were very interested and bought the two copies we had brought. When we came back home they called and reserved an additional five. They wanted to make sure that they could take part in the course on Saturday. Of the 50 copies we brought to Congo we have sold 13 so far. The price is 10 U.S. dollars. To participate in the course you must have purchased the material.

What is Focus Business School (FBS) about? The material aims to inspire and give courage, strength and self-confidence to people to do something about their situation in life and become entrepreneurs. FBS is based on the Bible in the way that it shows how the Christian values can be beneficial to you when you practice them. FBS puts focus on Matthew 7:12: “do for others what you want them to do for you” and Matthew 22:39: “love your neighbour as yourself”. For most Congolese the belief in God is something natural, and therefore we believe that the FBS material will be suitable for our target audience.

Another important part of the FBS method deals with thinking out of the box. To be able to turn around and break up is important when either your thoughts or your actions are destructive, stopping you from leading a good life. To have your mind set on success is a prerequisite for actual success.

The FBS material consists of nine blocks and 48 lessons. This time, we have brought half of the course, 24 lessons, including the teacher’s guide, together about 300 pages. The participants of the course will be future trainers of entrepreneurs. The current course will last seven days, and there will be 3-4 classes a day.

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  1. Intressant att läsa om ert nya material och era uppföljningsbesök hos entreprenörernas företag. Inte minst återbesöken är nog jätteviktiga. Det har inte blivit av att kika på er blogg förrän nu och jag önskar er fortsatt lycka till i arbetet. Ni är all välsignelse värda från vår Herre!

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