Augustine group March


This applies to contractors in the group Augustine Bisiamu and was held at Pastor Biongos offices in Lisanga.
1  Augustine Bisiamu Ndundu: President
2  Axel Biongo: Vice President
3  Georges Muditu: Secretary
4  Jean-Pierre Ngoma: Member
5  Damas Mangikulua: Member

There were five items on the agenda, namely:

1  Prayer
2  Welcome
3  Verification of the existence of quorum
4  Each one’s appearance since the credit was granted
5  Other issues

• The prayer was led by the Rev. Mangikulua
• Madame Bisiamu greeted all members welcome.
• As all five members of the group was currently meeting could be held without objection.

The moment when each of the members would make their experience had been.

I. George Muditu: Since I have been granted the loan, I continued with my crops, which also went well as usual. Now we have started the cultivation of ground nuts, beans, soya and maize.
We use time workers who we are paying.

II Pastor Damas Mangikulua: I have started my crops even though it has been a
delay of the season. I’m trying to find an area to grow beans, which only takes
three months because it is a year of church meeting (Synod).

III. Jean-Pierre Ngoma: I have continued my activities and I have done in order
a car to drive taxis. I’m waiting for the engine to my truck, which I ordered from
Europe. In two weeks I will start paying off the interest rate and finish this before
month of July, that is to say that in July I will begin paying only by the
sum of my mortgage.

IV Augustine Bisiamu Ndundu: I will continue my activities with poultry farming.
I bought the chickens are now two months and two weeks. I expect that
they will begin to lay eggs in July. The repayment of my loan will respect the rigged

V. Reverend Axel Biongo: Since March 18, 2011, I expected to buy two
hundred chickens, but I could just buy 120 because the price had increased. I have
hired a worker for this. He has a salary of $ 2 per day.

In addition to my mortgage, I have decided to increase the amount of my payment to $ 55 per month.

In other matters, we decided to hold our monthly meeting the second Monday
each month.

Closing Prayer was given by Pastor Biongo.

The meeting started 10:25 and ended 11:40.

Posted in Matadi March 21, 2011