Promissory note

Promissory note for business loans

Lender: Matadi Support Group and through it’s organization, the Groupe de soutien aux Entrepreneurs of Matadi. The lender abbreviated MSG / GSM.


The total loans:

Date of payment of the loan:

Date of the first repayment:

Plan for reimbursement.

Payment is due no later than 30 of every month.

The interest rate is 10% per year and paid the same amount at each payment date. Interest is paid from the loan disbursement date.

Amount of each repayment:

Interest on each repayment:

Total repayment and interest, 30 of each month

Last payment:

I belong to the group:

My company is identical to the description I had previously submitted and the loan will be used according to my investment specification.

To this promissory note belongs Annexes: Personal guarantees, Regulatory framework for business loans and Investment rules specification.

I accept the above conditions with appendices and sign hereby

Place and date Matadi


Borrower                                                                   Lender