Become sponsor

Become sponsor

We now want to offer firms, corporations and individuals to sponsor an entrepreneur at Matadi, Kongo Kinshasa.

By giving loans we want to help people to start small enterprises.

The size of a loan might go up to a 1000 USD as we reckon just now.

The borrowers form groups of about five entrepreneurs who take responsibility for each other within the group by being creditors.

The security of the loan will be a personal guaranty which everybody has to sign. The guaranty is limited to 25% ot the individual loan. Everybody is a guaranty for the others. In case one of the five is not able to fulfill his/her obligations, the other four are supposed to pay for him/her.

You will read more about the rules here.

You might be a sponsor by giving a loan or a gift. After that we choose one or several entrepreneurs who will be yours. Each month we shall be accounting on this site for the entrepreneur(s) that you are sponsoring. In other words we intend to let the lender be able to follow the sponsored person and see his/her improvements and results. The account is planned to be open or protected by a password according to the agreement between giver/lender and receiver.

We have now translated ALMI‘s education material “Business plan – a first outline” to French and supplemented it with some follow-up. In October, we will test it on coming entrepreneurs in Matadi.

We are also planning a direct contact between the two parts.

Our policy is: OpennessInsightResults.