Demba group March

Presentation of the meeting of the Group II, Jacques Demba group, which was held on 10/03/2011

Under the leadership of Brother Jacques Demba Kiazayoko, chairman of the group has a meeting held in the Assembly CEC KIAMVU at Mama Marie France Bayedila. It was the second meeting of the Group Demba and held on 10 March 2011.

1   Opening prayer
2   Welcome
3  Reading of the minutes of the meeting of 6 January 2011.
4  Report of the loan proceeds
5  Contact beginning of the action
6  Miscellaneous
7  Closing

Present at the meeting:
1  Mr Demba, President
2  Marie France Bayedila, Vice President
3  Philippe Nlandu Boo Ngoma, Secretary
4  Pierre Umba Kuel, Member

1  Opening prayer
President Jacques Demba asked Marie France to open the meeting with a short prayer, which was done.

II. Welcome
After opening prayer, saluted President Jacques Demba all members, which was
present at the meeting, welcome.

III. Reading of the minutes of the meeting of 6 January 2011.
The reading of the minutes was made by the Secretary Philippe. This protocol is
it on a presentation by the Board and a presentation of each one by name
and telephone number.

IV. Report of the loan proceeds
All confirmed that as of 17 February received the loan by Yapeko. All
have signed and received the document. All thanks in turn for Yapeco
that one has been chosen and all thank the MSG for the training and the loan is made
our disposal. May God help us to do a good job and have a nice contact.

V. Contact beginning of the action
Q What was the reaction of each having received the loan and told
repayment plan.
R. Marie France: the reaction is due to each of us according to our activities, but
it is good.
R. Pierre Umba: it is good but we have to work.
R. Philippe: It is good, but we need to redouble our efforts and work towards
that everyone should be able to remain in the project.
R. Jacques: It’s good, but it’s just about looking at the good work.

VI. Miscellaneous
We decided that we should begin to gather the 10th of each month or Thursday before the
the 10th The place is in Lisanga of Yapeco or Kiamvu of Marie France.Vi be
meet in homes to get to know each other better and share the experience of

With regard to payment of the interest we have agreed, that as of the end of March 2011, a person who already has the option of paying a portion of the sum, go to Yapeco and do it.

Marie France advised us all to be wary of selling on credit, but to stick to cash.

The next meeting is fixed for Thursday, 07/04/2011 at 17:00 in Kiamvu of
Marie France.

VII. Closing

The meeting which started at 17:10Closed at 19:06 with the prayer of the President
Mr Demba.
Posted in Matadi on 10/03/2011
Read and approved