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Welcome to join us exporting to the Congo

Specification of second hand goods for export and sale in Congo

For the kitchen

Refrigerators, freezers, micro owen, electric stoves. Kitchen assistant, blender, appliance, washer, water heater, coffee maker, crockery, glassware and cutlery. This should be in good condition. As new.

For the bedroom

Room fans, bedding, mattresses and linen, towels, air conditioning,

Clothing and more

Shoes and clothes suitable for the Congo, umbrella, bags, sleeping bags and tents.

For office and leisure

Computers, laptops, printers, radio, television, cassette, DVD, CD player.

Electrical Equipment

Table lamps, cables with details such as contacts and socket.

For car

Tires Used but approved for use in Sweden, car radio.

Other transport

Bikes all sizes, tricycles, mopeds, motorcycles.

Sound equipment

Microphones, loudspeakers, mixing consoles and related equipment.

Musical Instruments

Guitar, wind instruments and keyboards.

Alarm Equipment

Do you have equipment that is not listed here. Check with MSG if it is appropriate to send to the Congo.

Everything that is sent to the Congo should be working and in good condition, clothing must be clean, tidy and well packaged.

NOTE: Material that is not operational in Sweden is considered as waste and, according to Swedish law, it is not to be exported.

Yapeco will import and sell in his own stores and to wholesalers and retailers in the Congo, the profit will be split between Yapeco and Matadi Support Group. Agreements have drawn up between Yapeco and MSG how the profit should be distributed. MSG will use its part of the profit to cover its costs in the Congo.

Our contact person
Bernt Sköld
Hillaredsgatan 5, 50761 Borås Tel 033 15 72 79 0768 15 72 70 Epost click here for sending an email

4 thoughts on “Export Congo

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  2. Merci pour les services que vous rendez aux vulnérables Congolais qui ne cessent d’avoir besoin d’une assistance vue le degré de leur misère.Comment vous pouvez nous venir en aide pour avoir de matériel de transformation des produits agricoles.Nous avons piété des maraichères qui ne savent pas conserver leurs légumes le soir pour les invendues.Nos vives reconnaissances pour votre obligeance.

  3. Merci beaucoup pour ce geste d’amour en faveur de ceux qui souffrent.Notre Réseau Solidarité Eau-Assainissement, en sigle ReSEA a grandement besoin des outils informatiques pour son bureau de Kinshasa qui se trouve dans la périphérique et peut aider le reste de la population la connexion à l’internet.
    Nos vives reconnaissance.

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