Flood already

Negotiations about solar cells

Between two and three a.m., I was awakened by a noise. It was Bernt who was making the noise and it seemed like he was cleaning the room. Because of my drowsy state, I asked him somewhat annoyed what on earth he thought he was doing. He explained to me that there was a flood, and that the water came gushing into our bedroom. Right under my bed, the gushing had been particularly intense and a small lake had formed, which Bernt now tried to eliminate with a scoop and a bucket. Someone, with the best of intentions had probably meant to fill the water barrel in the bathroom. At the time of the good deed there hadn´t been any pressure in the water pipe, and the secret benefactor had left the tap open in anticipation of better times. When there finally was some pressure in the water pipe again, everyone was asleep. Too much or too little will spoil everyting.

After breakfast – eggs, bread and tea – by nine o´clock, Tutondele arrived. We had a meeting all morning here at Nzo Binati. We discussed how to implement the import of solar cell lamps. We – MSG, Yapeco and Tutondele – decided to start a business which will deal exclusively with imports. Yapeco and Tutondele will take care of the distribution to consumers, each independently. We agreed on important issues such as organization, budgets, securities and stock. Our plan is to place the first order in the beginning of November.

In the afternoon, we had a meeting with one of the first entrepreneurs. Repayments have not worked as intended, and we offered both carrot and stick. In all, we had a constructive talk about possible solutions to the problems of this entrepreneur. The repayment plan was extended in time and we presented a new agreement to sign.

When darkness had fallen, we took a walk around the block. We took out money with the VISA card at the adjacent RAW Bank to complete a money transfer from Sweden to a recipient in Congo. It is nice to be able to use the VISA card, instead of walking around with money in the wallet all the time.

Tonight I have used my own mobile broadband for the first time. Tutondele bought it for me – a month of internet including a modem for 40 USD. The speed seems to be fine. Airtel is the telephone operator, and according to Tuto it will also work in the other places we will visit during this stay.

For supper we had tea and bread with fruit. There was papaya, water melon and bananas, and the meal was rounded off with beigners – a deep-fried bun that is quite delicious. When I write these lines I am accompanied by talkative mundele around the table.