From one side to another

From one to another

After twenty minutes on the Congo River, we returned to Kinshasa Friday morning without any mishaps. Now we hope that our plans will fall into place here, too.

We have 2½ weeks ahead of us of travel, the sale of solar lamps and meetings before we go home to the Swedish spring. At the ferry station in Kinshasa, we were very kindly treated. When Yngve showed the staff our friend Teddy’s business card, we were invited to sit and wait in a nice air-conditioned room.

We are grateful that we haven’t experienced any major health problems. Right at the beginning of our trip, I had terrible pain in one leg and was unable to walk. I thought I would have to have knee surgery in Sweden. But pretty soon I understood that it could be erysipelas. I had had a spell of it in December. I e-mailed the Health Center in Ulricehamn, got the name of the penicillin and Yngve could then purchase it here without a prescription. Soon I was healthy again. Today, I just have three tablets left of the regimen. As a result of the episode I missed one meeting.

We have also suffered from upset stomachs a few days, and have felt somewhat exhausted, but it has ended without having to medicate. We drink a lot of clean water and eat salt. We hope that we are a little bit hardened health-wise. But we haven’t got used to the heat yet.

Eventually Teddy’s chauffeur came and picked us up and we are now installed at Nzo Binati, where the Church’s offices and accommodation in Kinshasa are located. We were very thirsty when we arrived and luckily we were offered cold water at one of the offices. The water had gone through a filtration apparatus.

We will stay in Kinshasa until all remaining solar lights are sold. During these weeks we will borrow the car and the driver of the director of the CEC Church. The driver arrived at Nzo Binati in the afternoon and his name is Augustin Kubanza Babanza. Yngve have prepared a meeting in Kinshasa and in some cities on the way to Matadi. This afternoon, we ate french fries on a newly discovered restaurant very close to our accommodation. It was delicious.

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  1. Hej på er där borta….Hoppas att ni håller er friska och krya nu…..Våren är nu på gång i Grovare…Kallt men solen värmer upp oss under dagarna 7-9 +…..Ha en skön tid resterande tid..och varmt välkomna hem…Kram på er båda två

  2. Lycka till nu i Kinshasa med sammanträden o solcellslamporna! Värmen avundas jag er inte!
    Idag är det Pi-dagen, så pizzasåsen puttrar på spisen!
    Svenska våren är härlig, om än vinden är kall!

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