Fruit factory in Luozi

Luozi is a town situated on the northern shore of the Congo River, but it belongs to Kongo Kinshasa. If you want to go to any place within the country from Luozi, you have to take the ferry across the Congo River. Because of its location, Luozi has become a neglected area. At least from the perspective of the citizens of Luozi. The photo depicts the Luozi group led by the coordinator Ngoma Nsuni, head of the church Edi Diafuanakana, Elie Mbumina from the US, Josef Nsumbu, Borås and MSG representatives Bernt Sköld and Yngve Håkanson.

The surroundings of Luozi are very suitable for fruit-growing, and earlier there have been large fruit farms. Pineapple can be harvested three times a year, mango twice a year, lemons and avocado all through the year as well as oranges, tangerines, passion fruit and papaya. But the farms have shrunk due to the difficulties to transport the fruits to the cities. Too much have gotten spoiled on the way.

A delegation of eight Congolese, seven from Luozi and Kinshasa and one from the US visited Borås last week. It was Josef Nsumbu, also Congolese and pastor of the Immanuel Church in Borås who had gathered the group. The intention of the visit was to prepare for the building and opening of a juice factory in Luozi. With a juice factory, the fruit could be taken care of and people could get employment, in other words, something could be done both about poverty and the development of the area. One of the participants expressed this in his own, concrete way: ”If we have a factory, maybe we will afford soap and matches”. Monday, we made a visit to a juice factory in Borås, Brämhults Juice. Thursday there was a meeting in Töve, at Kerstin and Yngve Håkanson´s home.

Matadi Support Group has been asked to help the Luozi group with the juice factory project. The building site in Luozi has been bought, and building material – bricks – is being produced. The delegation has worked out a plan and a program for the factory. It is now being translated to English. Our contribution to the project will be to consult people in the juice business, project the factory building and find suitable machines. Also, MSG has taken on the task of finding financiers in Sweden and in the US.