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Goodbye Matadi!

I know that I said that the last blog would be my last from Congo but because of chanced planes I accompanied Yapeco to his office today too. Therefore this becomes my last blog. I´ve now finished my English course for Matadi Support Group and I had my last lesson yesterday evening. It has been great closures with my classes and I was actually moved from the speeches that I got from some of the students. If they´re telling the truth they are pretty satisfied with my work here as an englishteacher. But we all agree that two and a half month is way to little to learn a new language and now my students and me are hoping for a new teacher that can come and continue the work that I’ve started.

The day after tomorrow Yapeco and I are travelling to Kinshasa as I´ve mentioned before. On the evening we will visit his cousins wedding. On the Monday my flight lifts to Sweden. To sum up I can say that the positive side of this journey have been that I´ve seen and learned so incredibly much that I never would have done otherwise and also that the Congolese have been so kind and generous to me. My students have also been very positive, nice, motivated and really been showing that they want to learn English. On the negative side for my part is that I haven’t liked all the attention that being a moundele here means and the fact that you never are alone. I have also found it challenging for my patience with all the delays to the lessons and other occasions and to attend at long meetings in kikongo when I don´t understand a word. But on the big whole I´m very grateful for the opportunity to come here and it´s a journey that I really don´t regret that I made but now it feels pretty good to come home to friends and family in Sweden again. In the end I also have to give a lot of thanks to Yapeco and his family for that I got to stay with them and become a part of their family, without their hospitality this wouldn’t been possible. With that said I’m now finishing my blogwriting and I want to wish good luck to the continuing work for Matadi Support Group.

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  1. Du skriver så fint och bra. Och jag längtar så tills du kommer hem igen, min kära vän, resenär och grymma lärarinna!

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