Grading and buying african clothes

Buying fabric

Now it´s less then one week of teaching left here in Matadi. Next Saturday Yapeco and me take the bus to Kinshasa and on Monday afternoon departs my flight back to Sweden. My plan was to have lessons all the way to the Friday before I leave but the family thought that I should finish at the Monday so I could visit friends and family. The compromise became that I have my finallesson on Wednesday and have Thursday and Friday for visits.

Outside the school I´m now working with creating a certificate that I will give to each pupil on the last lesson. The diploma will include participation and a grade on their testresult. I find this incredible difficult because I don´t have any education at all in how I supposed to do and I don´t want to be mean or unfair to anyone. I´ve started to get to know some of the pupils also and that makes it even more complicated if they haven’t performed so well. I have to keep telling myself to be objective, all credits to all real teachers out there.

The other day Yapeco and me went to the market to meet a pupil that owns a clothingstore and he gave me a pair of shoes and a big beautiful fabric as a gift. Another day I got a pagne, the long skirt that the African ladies wear, from another student. The Congolese are definitely a generous people. Recently the clothes that I have been ordering from a tailor became finished and everyone becomes very happy to se me wear African clothes. But I think I´m even more delighted because I´m very satisfied over the result and think that the clothes are lovly and that they really lit up lwith all their colours ad patterns.