Incredible balancing act

To carry goods on top of your head is, as far as I can see, ergonomically sound and gentle to the body compared to other methods. To carry the load in a basket on your back is probably also a good idea. Primarily, it´s the women who transport goods in this fashion, but sometimes you can see a man with a load on his head. The other day, I met a man in Kinshasa who had his entire mobile shop on his head, excellently exposed, built like a football grandstand. In Lisanga, where we are staying, Bernt tried to help a group of young female bearers. They were washing clothes and fetched the water at a water post right outside our house. They carried the water in 20 liter buckets. The task fit Bernt like a glove – he is born in the star sign of Aquarius (Water Bearer). Bernt was so successful in his aid work that one of the women expressed her hope to marry a white man. She didn´t specify which one, but she probably had a younger man than Bernt in mind. Anyhow, Bernt was amazed of how easily they balanced the 20 liter bucket on their head along a distance which included a steep hill.

During the afternoon we had five individual talks with the entrepreneurs. We had the first talk last Sunday, and we will have another three on Tuesday. By then, we will have met all the entrepreneurs of the October 10 group. This is one part of our follow-up plan. We will monitor each one of them for one year with the intention of providing support and helping them avoid pitfalls. We apply both praise and criticism – encouragement and warnings go hand in hand. All business involves ups and downs and the market forces are much the same all over the world. The main skill being taught in the entrepreneurial course is how to tackle the caprices of the market.

I want to thank everybody for all the encouraging e-mails and blog responses we have received! They lift our mood and strengthen our confidence. I want to enclose an e-mail from a very well-known Congolese, José Dianzungu, a pensioned professor now living in Luozi. He has worked in the US, in Europe and in Congo. In Congo, he used to be in charge of SIDA´s projects. He has a website of his own; the address is included in his e-mail below:

Dear Sir,

Thanks and congratulations for the news about your group.
I share your philosophy and your approach to overcoming poverty through effective and efficient entrepreneurship. I wish you brilliant achievements.
Please visit our website

Best regards.

José Dianzungu

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