Information day

Our workplace

Our workplace

Today, one of the kittens came during the morning work session and wanted to show off her cleverness. The cat mother had apparently taken a rat, almost the same size as the kitten. Everyone has a need to show off their cleverness and be confirmed, but I was only moderately interested in the rat and I tried to find something to wrap around the rat and throw it outside. Unfortunately, I found nothing suitable, and the kitten could continue to play with the rat. It’s their training to become a good mouser. It’s actually the first wild rat I’ve seen in the Congo. When Yapeco saw the rat, he banished the beast to happier hunting grounds.

We went to the Airtel office to acquire a mobile broadband. Unfortunately we have had problems getting internet access, hence the delay of the first blogposts. The broadband I first purchased did not cooperate with my computer, but it worked passably with Bernt laptop. Slowly but surely we sent off the e-mails in the morning. We sat in Yapeco’s office where he usually has reliable broadband capacity. But the thunder and lightning during the night had destroyed this.

Yapeco hade gone to see the mayor and to plan the next week’s meetings with him and the governor.

The afternoon was devoted to reporting the decisions of MSG’s annual meeting to Yapeco and Julienne. She translated the business plan orally to Yapeco. We also went through the compendium with thorough presentations of our projects. Subsequently, we reported our strategy going forward. When we had reviewed and discussed the projects it was six o’clock and time to close shop.

Augustine offered evening tea and afterwards we had a short impromptu discussion about the Nsanda Group and the harvest of 10 acres of cassava that will be taken care of, processed and distributed to markets in the near future.