Last week before the conference in Luozi

class 3

class 4

This week I have been teaching lesson eleven, entertainment and lesson twelve, travels. I´ve also tossed in some grammar such as singular and plural and verbs in present and imperfect. The verbs are a bit tricky offcourse and especially because there are so many irregular verbs in the English language but I can anyway feel that the students understands how important it is and that they really are trying to learn.

This Friday me and Yapeco are going to Kimphese and Saturday we´re continuing to Luozi where we´re going to spend a week at a churchconference. I think it´ll be great to come out on the countryside again and if the journey becomes even close to as good as the ones to Sanda and Mbamba I´ll be happy enough. They´ve told me that we´ll be travelling on a ferryboat across the Congoriver and that is something I certainly is looking forward to. In Luozi there will be some swedishspeaking people and it´ll be nice to talk mynative language again.

Each forth lesson I´ve given the students a paper with “words of today”. At the front- and the backpage is two columns with words. One column for each lesson with the most important words and phrases that I then base my lessons from. Now when I´m absent for a little bit more then a week I´ve given the students the homework to learn all these words by heart, from lesson one to lesson eight. When I come back I´ll have a little test for them. This is a good opportunity for them to really learn the words without the papers to help them. After all that´s how the real conversations are made.