Lesson five

Jag försöker lära ut rätt uttal vilket inte alltid är så lätt. I can now definitely say that I like the morning lessons better. In the evenings, it is more middle-aged men who participate and no children, and fewer women, even if there isn´t anything wrong with the men, they are a little bit harder to teach. They know more English from the beginning, and I had prepared myself for that the students would not speak any English so I’m not really prepared for how I should proceed. For the lesson material five, starting today, I have therefore raised the level a little bit and added some more grammar and we go this lesson also to query words and verbs. I have also tried to come up with some different exercises of different difficulty levels. Though afternoon classes feel a bit trickier to teach it is anyway a great interest. This week has been about fifteen students in both the morning and afternoon, and we have even been set up extra tables and chairs so that everyone can access location. The record we broke yesterday with seventeen students.