Light a solar lamp in Congo!

Solar lamp

Since 2007, we have been engaged in several different projects in Congo. Our main project has been to teach entrepreneurship to groups of people. We are convinced that entrepreneurship is one way out of poverty. Entrepreneurship creates resources on a personal level, as well as for families and for society. These resources are needed to build schools and hospitals, provide education and medical care and maintain a social safety net.

One of our projects is importing solar lamps to Congo. The background is that not all have access to electricity at home and the general power systems are unreliable, with many power outages. In this environment the solar light is able to fill an important role. The kids can do their homework and the parents can use more of the hours of the day to the benefit of their family. The light we import is very practical and can be used as ceiling light or table lamp. It is also excellent to use as a flashlight. (See pictures below). The price of a lamp is 57, – USD which includes the solar cell and various accessories. The dilemma is that few ordinary Congolese people can afford to buy it at that price.

Now we ask you: Would you like to turn on a light in Congo? To make it affordable for the Congolese who have less purchasing power, but still needs electric light in his house, we give you the opportunity to co-finance the purchase. To do this, donate 43, – USD per every lamp you want to support. Then we can sell the lamp at a price that is better suited to the customer’s economy. Maximum price will be 14, – USD. The reason we do not want to convey the lights as gifts is that we have a policy of not giving anything away for free. You put a higher value on things you pay for, and you take better care of them.

For international payment (from outside Sweden), please contacts us for further details.

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