Mail from Tutondele Nyambudi

I am very pleased to inform you that we finished ploughing yesterday afternoon at 6 pm We managed to overcome many technical problems on the tractor, the hub of rim on a rear wheel came off. We had to weld it, a hydraulic rod went off, we welded that also. We also had other technical problems but we solved them with determination and it paid off. I thank God that we could solve all the problems. We have worked as a machine for a fortnight and we have ploughed 10 hectare and we are now awaiting the first rains to harrow the fields. I will send more pictures from Kimpese there are good internet connection. It is impossible to photograph all the fields because they are so big. You should see all the fields by aerial photography. This morning we did some finishing work. In the afternoon we travel to Kimpese where we stay overnight and then continue on Tuesday to Kinshasa.
Many greetings from Clement and Tuto