Meeting with Solico

img_7583Monday night, we had a meeting with Solico at the Congo Brazzaville Embassy. Bernt and I were there as representatives of MSG. Tonight’s guest was the General Secretary Samuel Nsikabaka from the Niosi Group in Brazzaville. Samuel gave us a status report from Brazzaville. He stressed that the Congolese want to have development, but unfortunately there are many obstacles along the road.

On Tuesday we had a meeting with Samuel and Astrid Ståhlberg at the Hotel Birger Jarl. We felt that Joseph Mandzoungou and Samuel of the Niosi Group have embraced our message of entrepreneurship and how important it is for people to open their eyes, see opportunities and take advantage of them. Right now the Niosi group is in the process of setting up a course. It is expected to start in the autumn.

At our meeting we briefly went through our material, and we gave them an USB stick with our entire training in entrepreneurship. We talked about Alain Mbembas visit to Sweden in June and we recapitulated last year’s visit of Joseph and Judith Mandzoungou and Emy Miantezila and Yapeco Bakala Massengo from Congo Kinshasa. The purpose of that visit was to show examples of entrepreneurship in Sweden. A good entrepreneurship creates endless opportunities for employment, income and prosperity. This applies both to the Congo countries and to Sweden.