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Augustine and Yapeco checking the peanuts and cassava

Just a greeting from a tough day on the field. The plants are doing well, it’s fun to see how peanuts and manioc grow now. Some manioc have been 80 or 90 cm high.

We have replanted 1 hectares cassava, and continue with 1.5 hectares of which was hard hit by the drought.

Next week, we are going to so beans and it can be done with piripiri. They must be sown in 3 weeks. We have some work to do here, it seems we have become people of Nsanda.

We must from next week begin with land preparation and do not have money for it. If it were possible, it would be good or else the ground is so dry for the tractor.

God bless you. Clement greets, he will celebrate Easter at Matadi. where he is invited to speak in Nzadi church.

Greetings from Julienne