My first day in Congo

Now it´s time for my first contribution to this blog. This Friday after months of waiting and preparing the time had finally come for me to take the flight too the republic democratic of Congo. I was a bit nervous, especially since I´ve just recently started to learn French, how am I supposed to be able too teach anyone English? But when my plane put down its wheels on N´djilis Airport in Kinshasa and everyone were cheering loudly and happily and I saw the red sun in the African sunset I could only feel expectation and curiosity to spend my summer in Matadi.

Despite the fact that it´s also summer in Sweden it was a big change of climate for me from a cold and rainy Gothenburg too the 29-degrees heat in Kinshasa. One of Yapecos friends greeted me just outside the plane and guided me trough the airport and to Yapeco that was waiting at the parkinglot outside. A chauffeur drove us in to the city through a traffic that´s slightly different from Sweden to Yapecos friend’s house where also Augustine, Yapecos wife were and there I got the chance to try my French a little bit. Luckily for me you can come far with just bodylanguage and a good will! After a glass of soda me, Yapeco and Augustine went to our motel and after a good meal of chicken and chips the three of us went to sleep in the single dubblebed the room got.

2 thoughts on “My first day in Congo

  1. Mycket intressant att du skriver blogg och du tycks funnit dig väl tillrätta. Vi kommer att följa dig i våra böner och tankar. Du är nu med att öppna dörrar mot världen för kongoleserna. Vi önskar dig allt gott och framgång i din uppgift som engelsklärare

    • Tack för allt stöd och lyckönskningar! Jag ska göra mitt bästa för att hjälpa till och hoppas att jag i alla fall ska kunna lägga en grund som andra sedan kan bygga vidare på. Hälsningar hem till Sverige!

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