New entrepreneurs in Kimpese

New entrepreneurs in Kimpese

New entrepreneurs in Kimpese

The day started quietly without any disturbing elements created by a crazy rooster, outside the bedroom windows. Awakening could take place nice and orderly. Breakfast was served at 7.30 a.m., and was initiated with a proper grace. Then, we had our tasty porridge, today served with an omelet and tomatoes.

Bernt and Yapeco went to buy a tarpaulin for Christoffer’s dojo in Luozi. They paid 150 USD for one that was somewhat tarnished. Christoffer has asked for a tarpaulin of the size 10 x 10 meters, but the one he will get is 5 x 7 meters. I spent the morning preparing for the new course of entrepreneurs that will begin this afternoon at 3 o’clock.

Julienne and Ing-Marie went to buy fabrics for new clothes. Ing-Marie claimed that she didn´t have anything to wear. As far as I can judge, she has been respectably dressed every day we have been here in Congo. My conclusion is that she probably exaggerated the state of her wardrobe. The perception of what you have and don´t have is quite individual.

At 10.30 a.m. Julienne made us coffee, and then Yapeco and I went to Emy’s internetcafé to email some pictures to my son Aron i Moskva, who will publish them on the website. When I had managed to send pictures for one blog the power went out, but luckily it came back after half an hour. At the café, Emy has seven computers and when I was there, all computers were busy. When I am there, I use my own computer and his wireless Internet. Mabiala Mambueni Alphonsine is employed by Emy to take care of the café. She has a lot to do, for instance she does paperwork for clients, and print-outs.

We went back to Nganga and Thérèse for dinner at 1.30 p.m. We had vegetarian meatballs made of ground pumpkin seeds, rice, potatoes, vegetables and manioc. It was a tasty meal. Then we went back to Emy’s office and the schoolroom of 5 x 5 meters where we will have our course. Twelve entrepreneurs came today. Most of them are already running some kind of business. They work with such different things as farming, both crops and livestock, bakery, transports, grocery, clothes, Internet operator, Internet café, construction work and restaurant. Yapeco helped us with the refreshments, lemonade and biscuits. It was really nice to rinse the throat, because today was a very hot day, somewhere between 30 and 40 degrees C.

Afterwards Bengt, Bernt and I walked back home. The distance is 1,5 kilometers. It was interesting to see the ever present commerce along the streets. There are not that many actual shops around, thus these businesses under the open sky, the goods displayed on a simple table or directly on the ground. At best, there might be a parasol, a grass roof or a sheet of metal above the market stalls. The merchants are eager to sell but not pushy, and there doesn´t seem to be any lack of commodities.

Tonight, we had pancakes and jam for supper. Nganga joined us for the meal. He had spent the entire day at the building site of his hotel, which is almost ready. At the moment, they are working on the restaurant. Thérèse is also involved in the project. She will be in charge of the restaurant.

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  1. Hej! Fint att få läsa om er även denna gång även om lite mycket handlar om tuppar. Tar med en hälsning till missionskommitténs sammanträde imorgon onsdag. Har lagt in bilder och en del texter på Boråsmötets hemsida:
    Varma hälsningar. Ingemar

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