New opportunities

Our hosts Yapeco and Augustine

Our hosts Yapeco and Augustine

As appropriate, we started the day and the week with porridge. Today, there are new opportunities to catch and new efforts to be made. We inaugurated a Bodum teapot we had brought to Congo at the breakfast table. We want to have quality morning tea. Teabags simply will not do.

We spent the morning reviewing ongoing projects with Yapeco and Julienne. Our agenda began with our auditor’s views on the control of the cash funds. Then we went on to discuss the import of second-hand items. Right now, we can state that Matadi seems to be flooded with second-hand stuff from abroad. To get profitability in such an operation would be very difficult. Considering the developments in this area, we will not undertake any more exports/imports of second-hand goods. The high tariffs are another obstacle, and of course, Congo in itself is not an easy market.

We went through the import of solar lights. The first shipment of 500 lights came on February 19 to Matadi. Sales are in progress, but so far they have been slow. Our current goal is to build a sales organization and put efforts into marketing. Yapeco is working with Bas-Congo and Tutondele work in Kinshasa. Both of them are focused on achieving the correct volume of sales by establishing a functioning organization and produce relevant marketing. Then we went through the procedures of accounting. With the assistance of computers and the internet, the accounting can be put to efficient use.

In the afternoon we worked on the accounting of the Nsanda Group. We try to nail the correct cost structure of our hitherto production of manioc, corn, peanuts, soybeans, pili pili and bananas, pineapple and sesame. The cost structure will be the underpinning of our next production estimate. At Nsanda, we have also begun planting acacia trees.

Yapeco had to go to the provincial Office of Immigration with our passports and report how long mundeles would stay in his house. It is important to keep track of nonresidentials.