News from Nsanda

The workers, Yapeco. Julienne and Yngve in Nsanda

Sending a greeting from Nsanda Group before Clément and I go to Kinshasa tomorrow to Masuku´s funeral. He passed away on Sunday at 9:30pm in Kinshasa. Masuku was married to Maurice Ekaba which is one of Nsanda Group members. She usually comes to Nsanda to be with us for a while. She and her husband came in last month but had to cancel the stay because of her husband’s illness. The funeral will be on Saturday in Kinshasa.

It is so wonderful now, with rain falling almost every day, it’s just a shame that it costs a lot of money to go otherwise it would be interesting for you to come now to experience the new life with our farms. We have even tasted our sakasaka and you may believe that it was so good.

We have already counted on to plow 10 new hectares. Land preparation will be done as soon as I receive information from you that money is sent. The workers here have no patience, they want to be paid as soon as possible after work.

How we intend to use the new land: 2 hectares of banana plantation, 5 hectares of cassava and the gaps are mixed, for example, with peas, almonds, water melon. 2 ha, we lease out and 1 ha should we give to our drivers as salery.

That is how my husband and I have thought, have you any advice or suggestions to give, we are grateful. (Send a mail to Julienne address )

We hope that Yapeco comes with a chain saw when he comes back to Matadi because it can be very helpful for Nsanda group and also to our family.

We travel back as soon as possible to Nsanda to continue our work here with the farms.

Kindest regards

Julienne and Jean-Clément