News from Nsanda

Education of the Nsanda Group

I´m sitting in Yapeco´s cyber cafe and writing a small report from our work in Nsanda group engaged in agriculture.

We are 13 members (7 young people and 6 are over 60 years). We are sitting in meetings and make decisions regarding our agricultural projects. We have already had two, we should have had more but many of whose members live far from Nsanda. We call each other when needed.

8 hectares is ready and now we make the last of sowing. We decided to have cassava on the entire area, 5 hectares of peanuts and 3 hectares soy beans. This means that we mix cassava with peanuts and soy beans. From November 3rd until today we have sown five hectares cassava, three have peanuts and Friday November 18 we will be sowning soy beans according to our plan.

We are doing everything with hack, that means it is by hand and it takes longer time and more expensive with labour than if we had had sowing machines. We are considering how to get these machines to facilitate the work in the future

From the very beginning of Nsanda group has many family greeting the project welcome. We have hired seven men and three women. 19 men are working to bring cassava, 10 women who are sowing peanuts and five women will be sowing soy beans.

Work is progressing despite the fact that labour is relatively expensive. And we are pleased that members of Nsanda Group understands that everyone has to help and make their effort to move forward. Last Monday came a member with her husband to help, and two members deposited $ 200 in support of the work.

To give you an idea of ​​what it costs in wages with the sowing work, I give a little information here. Putting cassava costs $ 240.10 per hectare. To sowing five hectares peanuts costs $ 680. The invoice for the sowing of three hectares soy beans, I get today.

Heartily greetings from Nsanda Group members who appreciate all the support we get to change our lives.

Julienne Kukangisa
Project Manager

Here are some pictures from the work of the farm.