Now we are going to sow in Nsanda

Nsanda Group has in September worked up eight hectares of land. We will cultivate cassava on 8 hectares, peanuts on 5 hectares and soya beans on 3 hectares. Soil preparation is now complete and went well despite the fact that the agricultural machinery from Sweden was not suitable for our soil, for that reason we had to do harrowing once again. This lead to double work.

But we are looking forward.

We bought 600 kg peanuts. It took us two weeks to peel them by hand, 23 kg of soya beans, 20 000 meters cassava stalks, which we now cut off in 20 cm pieces which we are putting in the soil.

The rainy season has come and we will start sowing on Wednesday onwards. We estimate that it takes us two weeks to do the sowing and cassava planting.

Best regards  Julienne o Clement