Nsanda News

The Culture House of Borås

Hope all is well with you and that exhibitions of MSG in Alingsås and Borås Public Library will be good. I apologize for not having posted in awhile, I’ve been busy with other things, so I’ve been away and came home only on Sunday.

We feel good in Nsanda. Now we clean out the weeds in crops and hope we will be ready this week. Next week, we will replant where it dried up completely (manioc). Except for soybeans, which are completely destroyed by the dry weather, the other plants are good.

We are also working with other crops, piri piri, and beans. We have already prepared the ground and sowed the piri piri seed yesterday. We will wait with beans in to the beginning of April, because we are awaiting how it will rain.

We hope that all Nsanda Group members pay their contribution for we are dependent on it, if we are to continue to prepare new ground for October, the next rain season.

My modem has the same problem as Yngve had in February so it’s hard to type now in French even though I have gone to Tigo’s office twice but no solution. Unfortunately, I can not send pictures now because I did not get my camera repaired.

Take care and I salute the entire MSG family in Sweden. We have to pray for one another.

Clément greet.
Julienne Kukangisa.