On the way home

Inga-Nora in Matadi

At 9:15 am, Julienne Kukangisa went with us down to the market to buy beans. She then took a taxi to Nsanda to welcome a new employee, Kasongo.

We will bring some peanuts, sesame seeds and a grapefruit to Sweden. All of it has grown on the Nsanda fields. Saturday when we were in Nsanda, Julienne and I peeled the peanuts with some assistance by Yngve.

We continued towards Kimpese, the driver Augustin, his uncle Clement Nyambudi, Yapeco, Yngve and me. We arrived at noon. Before we did anything else, we met with Nganga and then Tutondele. At Tutondele’s, we met a young man named Floden (river) after the Swedish missionary Flodén.

We came to Pilot villa, where Hélén had the dinner on the table. She surprised me with french fries, they were really good. We had passion fruit for dessert, also very good. Hélén asked us to mail two letters for her in Sweden. One of them is to Inga-Nora Jervgren and the second is to Anneli Andreasson. Yesterday I photographed the girl who is called Inga-Nora after the missionary, young Inga-Nora in Matadi.

We continued towards Kinshasa, and Clement bought a tasty fruit on the way. It’s called mamosta. We drove past numerous trucks loaded with charcoal. Along the way there are also colossal stacks of charcoal sacks, the only thing you can use in the city for heating food and water if you don’t have electricity. Wood smokes too much and causes a big problem: soot.

We were going at a steady speed and arrived in Kinshasa between 5 and 6 pm. At Nzo Binati we were well received, except that the power was missing. Augustin once again had a headache and will now try my ibumetin painkillers. Clement helped me translate that he should only take one at a time, and no more than three per day.

We have started to write this blog in the light of a flashlight, but we don’t know yet if we will be able to finish it.

Tuesday, our last day in Congo, we have scheduled a meeting with a professor to discuss the type of energy efficient house that Yngve has been working on, and which already a year ago was presented to the professor.

Moreover, we will have conclusion meetings with Nsimba Anderson and Yapeco. We will make a summary of the time in Congo Kinshasa. We hope to be able to check in tonight or tomorrow online. Our luggage we will leave at the Air Brussels office in Kinshasa.

4 thoughts on “On the way home

  1. Tack för alla informativa och roliga blogg! Du har verkligen haft förmågan att beskriva era upplevelser på ett engagerat sätt Kerstin. Nu önskar vi er “Bon voyage”! Bered er på att ni kommer frysa när ni kommer till Bryssel o Landvetter! Här är ingen kongovärme. Vi reser till Fr o Romaine med make Claude imorgon bitti; flyger till Paris o sedan tåg ner till Nime. Vi ser fram emot att få fira Påsken tillsammans med dem, samt hoppas på att få lite mer vårvärme där än här. Vi ses i Töve den 24/4.

  2. Det har varit intressant och spännande att på nätet ha fått ta del av era dagar i Kongo! Igår såg jag de första vitsipporna……… Välkomna hem!

  3. Fick Yngves e post meddelande igår.
    Vakande idag vid 03.30,kunde ej somna om.
    Då fick jag den strålande ide`n att gå in och läsa om MSG senaste rapporter men jag läste allt !
    Bra koncept (det visste jag innan).
    Bra och lättillgängligt material att ta del av.Trevlig blogg från senaste resan.
    All heder till Er alla som har ett sådant brinnande engagemang,ork och vilja. Hjälp till självhjälp är det bästa vi kan ge varandra i denna värld.

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