A day in Kimpese

Bernt has got writing inspiration

For breakfast, Therese gave us oatmeal porridge with sliced ​​banana, but also french omelette with onions and tomatoes. It was very tasty. She knows our breakfast habits well by now. After breakfast, we started to distribute the various packages we had brought from Sweden. First, there was the medicine for a patient at the IME hospital with a damaged spleen. My physician in Sweden had prescribed it to me before we left. Therese took care of the medicine which she will pass on to the nurse, Samuel, who will give the medicine to the patient.

The rest of the morning was devoted to desk work. I wrote minutes of yesterday’s meeting and made some supplements to the training material. In the afternoon, Emy Miantezila were supposed to come for a meeting, but he didn’t show up. We are hoping that he has time to spare for us tomorrow in the morning, before we travel to Matadi. I continued with desk work after dinner and managed to complete some necessary tasks. Sometimes it may be helpful that a meeting is cancelled, then we can take care of other tasks. This is a very good place to sit and work. We have only had two power outages and the nice thing about them was that they lasted only 10 minutes each. It is unusual that they are so short-lived.

For three days, google has regarded me as a hacker from Kinshasa. Google gmail has implemented new safety procedures that are not easy to get to grips with. I use gmail.com as outgoing server for my email. When google suspects that your account is hijacked they block the account. The problems have arisen because I subscribe to a Congolese mobile broadband provider registered in Kinshasa. The occurence of native Swedes in Congo Kinshasa, who subscribes to Congolese mobile broadband is clearly not possible, if one takes into account how google thinks. Constraints like this are only a proof of human inanity.

By now, I have understood that every time my computer tries to send e-mail using the Congolese mobile broadband, google send a code to my mobile phone. The code has to be entered into a form on a special website thereby certifing that it is Yngve Håkanson from Töve and not a hacker from Congo that is sending the e-mail. Every time I go online I get a new code to my mobile phone, and only the last one is accepted. It took me three days to figure this out, and the business with entering a code on the website didn’t work until I tried the third code. An additional problem was created by the fact that I didn’t have access to my mobile phone, it had stayed with Kerstin in Sweden, and she had gone away from home, to Dalsland. Let’s say I had some difficulties reaching her. The third and working code I received through my friend Timo in Hökerum who was logged on to Skype today. He managed to call Kerstin and get the freshest code. It’s Timo’s birthday today, and I certainly wish him a happy one. Congratulations from Congo!

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  1. I don’t have a website, but loved reading this message about the work you do, with 2 pictures of my beloved cousin Bernt in each of them! I am very busy myself trying to download a wee American home, mine and my husband’s. I need room here for his wheelchair and a new TV for him to watch since ours is suddently “kaput”! His cousin, is coming, I hope, to get my beautiful bookcase, and I will try to set up something with a TV there, so Bob can watch in the living room You are doing such fantastic work, and I am, of necessity, thinking so selfishly by comparison, but that’s life, I guess. At 81, I am somewhat limited both in ability to do things and buy things. I will give a little, when I have my life in better order, and hope that is soon ~ hugs to you all, Barbara Ej Tanner

  2. Hope to copy some of these wonderful pictures and show them to my husband, who is as fond of Bernt and his family as I am, almost! Barbara

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