One year in The House of Youth

A day of reflection with Groupe Chretien de Soutien in Matadi, October 9, 2010

The Christian Volunteer Support Group has not let the date October 9, 2010 pass quietly and unnoticed, the day of the inauguration of the Youth House, LE CARREFOUR SOCIOCULTUREL, in Matadi, since it marks an important step in its history a in its stated intention to serve the Lord Jesus.
Day after day, as of this date, October 9, 2011, le Carrefour, has completed a year full of activities. That is why the Board has deemed it useful to organize a day of reflection to refresh members’ memory. The program presented below:

Friday, 07/10/2011: Historical soiree (evening) with a video of Mother Matila

Saturday, 08/10/2011: Cleaning and refreshing of Carrefour Socioculturel

Sunday morning, 09/10/2011: Thanksgiving at the churches where the members belong.
Afternoon at Carrefour – The House of Youth
Admonitions of tata Muditu
Speech by President mom Matila
Exhibition of knitted and sewn items and photos taken at different occasions
A speech with reflections was held by coordinator Nkailu


Rounding up with thanksgiving and prayer

The reflections had the following objectives:

To thank those involved; Matadi Support Group and those from the area for their support, financially / materially and morally, which started its activities under the following conditions:
To refresh members’ memory by giving a recap of what happened by overcoming the difficulties encountered and come up with ways to improve policies and practices to work for.

Establish a proper financial report (balance sheet).

The coordinator who introduced the number of visitors, amounting to 864 persons who have participated in various activities organized by the organization, estimated that Carrefour’s financial report for the first year was positive. But there is still much to do.

Moreover, he urged members to double their efforts and not to believe that just because the house is in place, there is nothing more to do.
That is what happened during the celebration of Carrefour’s birthday


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